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Tungsten Carbide Cuting Tools

2015/11/17      view:

Zhuzhou Tongda offers a wide range of Tungsten Carbide products developed from fourteen years of expertise and market-leading expertise.  Characterised by extreme strength, toughness and hardness, Tungsten Carbide is highly resistant to wear and high temperatures.

As a result, Zhuzhou Tongda’s products offer significant wear protection and retain their sharp cutting edges much longer - ensuring an optimum finish and drilling efficiency. Wherever materials are cut, sawn, drilled or ground in the mining, chemical and oil and gas industries, moving up from steel to Tungsten Carbide can improve tool life, dimensional accuracy, cost efficiency and productivity.

Zhuzhou Tongda Tungsten Carbide products also have exceptional resistance to high temperatures allowing users to work faster, more efficiently and to deliver a better finish for the end-product.

The commercial advantages of using Zhuzhou Tongda Tungsten Carbide products are being realised by an increasing number of tool manufacturers in different industries: from construction, mining and tunnelling to mineral processing, textiles, automotive and agriculture.

Zhuzhou Tongda manufactures and supplies a vast range of Tungsten Carbide inserts of all types, shapes and sizes to a worldwide customer network with countless different requirements.

Zhuzhou Tongda works in partnership with customers,applying the extreme properties of Tungsten Carbide to address specific, often complex requirements. The result is a product that can transform performance and productivity – and give customers a significant advantage over their competitors. For example, by varying the grain size of the Tungsten Carbide and the binder content, engineers can manipulate Tungsten Carbide to display different characteristics and performance in various applications. These range from percussive drilling, to applications in agriculture,forestry, recycling and mining and tunnelling.